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Naturel Sheet Magnet

0.5 mm


70 cm x 100 cm

0.50mm sheet magnets are stronger than 0.40mm magnets and works with relatively heavier magnets are preferred. Epoxy touristic drop magnet works, multi-leaf magnetic notepads, polyurethane magnet works, touristic magnets (tile magnet, light wooden magnet) and refrigerator magnets can be counted as examples of these. The magnetic surface of the sheets is shiny.



About Sheet Magnet


Why should I choose a glossy sheet magnet?

The magnetic side of the sheet magnet is shiny. The brightness of the magnetic surface not only increases visual appeal, but also offers advantages during the production of magnetic items. The shiny magnetic face of the sheet magnet provides protection against errors during the production process. If both sides of the magnet are the same color, it may cause an error such as the image accidentally sticking to the magnetic surface. The shiny surface warns the master which magnetic surface is on the sheet magnet. The shiny magnetic surface of the magnet also prevents the customer's hands from getting dusty and dirty.


Is the quality of the Sheet Magnet I bought good?

The reason why sheet magnets have magnetic properties is the use of magnet raw materials called rare minerals. The magnet in powder form is mixed with other binding raw materials and turned into a plate by passing through a roller. Although the magnetic element in the sheet magnet is the same in every magnet, the use of binder raw materials varies depending on the manufacturer. In order to reduce costs and compete in price, some Chinese sheet magnet manufacturing companies may use toxic (carcinogenic) raw materials. This can threaten the health of both the end user and the workers working in the production process. Unfortunately; It is impossible for the end user to understand this. As a simple control method, rub the sheet magnet with your hand; If there is coal black contamination on your hands, the product is problematic. Another method is to light the sheet magnet from one end with a lighter; If it burns or melts, this is a sign that the magnet is problematic.
 As a magnet wholesaler, the magnets we sell with our 20 years of experience have an EN71 test report (it is the most detailed test). We offer you the highest quality products regarding sheet magnets and magnets at the most affordable prices.


Where to sell 0.50mm Thick Sheet Magnet?

There are 40 layers in the boxes for 0.50mm thick sheet magnets. We sell sheet magnets in quantity.
We also stock self-adhesive (non-magnetic side covered with double-sided tape) type of 0.50mm thick sheet magnets for amateurs or to make magnetic photos or to provide ease of use in products where magnets will be glued one by one.
There are sheet magnet options in different sizes and thicknesses depending on the area of ​​use. We will be happy to share our experiences with you so that you can access the right magnet product at the right prices.