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Neodyum Mıknatıslar

0.35 mm



35 x 50cm

Sheet magnets, also known as sheet magnets and sheet magnets, are the main product group. The competitive product of professionals, 0.35 mm Natural Sheet Magnet, is a new generation sheet magnet type used by organized printers in promotional magnets. Although the accepted thickness in promotional magnets is 0.40 mm, 0.35 mm Natural Layer Magnets offer the same result in terms of attraction power


0.35 mm Layer Magnet provides you with a price advantage in your multiple orders where mass production is in question. Since the size of the layers is small, it does not cause cutting costs like other large magnets. Having a flexible structure, 0.35 mm Sheet Magnet can be easily cut with scissors. The magnetic side of the product is UV (glossy) coating. 0.35mm thick magnets are served in boxes of 100 layers. You can contact us to take advantage of wholesale sheet magnet prices and to get detailed information about our products.