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Adhesive Magnet

1 mm


60cm x 100cm


Adhesive magnets are preferred especially in studies where magnets are applied one by one, thanks to the double-sided tapes with strong adhesion on their non-magnetic surfaces. 1 mm Adhesive Layer Magnet, which is among the types of adhesive magnets, is preferred in partially heavy refrigerator magnets.


1 mm adhesive magnets; It can be easily used in relatively heavy refrigerator magnet works such as tile magnet, glass magnet, casting magnet, plastic injection magnet, aluminum or stone magnet, magnet made of travertine stone, magnets prepared with objects made of tile.


Solvent acrylic is used as double-sided tape glue on the adhesive magnet. In this way, 1 mm Adhesive Layer Magnet has a much stronger adhesion feature than the frequently used holment or water-based acrylic glues. 1 mm adhesive magnets are available in the form of 20 layers in boxes and can be sold as a piece. You can contact us to order.