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Natural Sheet Magnet

0.8 mm


60 cm x 100 cm


0.8 mm Natural Layer Magnets are sheet magnet magnet products that are used for relatively heavier products or in studies where the attraction power is required relatively more. Therefore, it is among the very strong layer magnet products.


It is used in works involving heavy objects such as magnetic ornaments, stone magnets and vehicle magnets. As Magnet Wholesale, we recommend products with a thickness of at least 1.00 mm for vehicle magnets, but sometimes 0.8 mm thick layer magnets can also be preferred. The 0.8 mm Natural Layer Magnet has a sheet size of 60 cm x 100 cm.


There are 25 products in the box of 0.8 mm thick layer magnets. You can also sell the quantity you want according to your needs. You can contact us for piece or wholesale sheet magnet prices.