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Properties of Sheet Magnets

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Properties of Sheet Magnets


Among the features of sheet magnets, they are suitable for use on curved surfaces, since they have flexible structures that can be bent and twisted. One side of the sheet magnets is magnetic, and the magnet poles are lined up on the same surface as plus (+) and minus (-). The distance between the poles arranged on one side of the sheet magnet determines the magnet's attraction power. Sheet magnets can be easily cut and shaped with tools such as scissors, utility knife, guillotine. Sheet magnets do not lose their magnet properties over time. With our rich stock in sheet magnets, we are able to serve you as of the day of order with a wide product range from 0.4 mm thickness to 3 mm thick extra strong sheet magnets and more than 30 varieties without the need for a deadline.


Natural Layer Magnets


Thicknesses for Natural Layer Magnets start from 0.4 mm and go up to 1 mm thickness. For thicknesses over 1 mm, we recommend extra strong sheet magnets as a firm. You can find detailed information about the properties and usage areas of natural layer magnets in various thicknesses on our website.


Technical Specifications of Natural Layer Magnets


  • Our quality is approved in sheet magnet sales.


  • One side of our product is magnetic. The magnetic surface is glossy with UV.


  • The layers were cut after the production phase. This feature ensures that the pose of the layer magnet is smooth. It is impossible to collect the magnet with a non-uniform pose during cutting. Magnets with bad exposure will complicate your working conditions and cause you to lose more effort and time.


  • The magnetic layers can be easily separated from each other. UV-surfaced materials may cause the layers to adhere to the extent that they cannot be separated from each other and cause you to have trouble especially during the plastering of the magnet.


  • The quality of the sheet magnets and magnets you use will reduce the effort of the magnet production process as well as gaining customers.