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Features of PVC Magnets

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Features of PVC Magnets


Among the properties of PVC magnets, there are some important points. They are layer magnets that you can print directly on the PVC magnet. Among the features of PVC magnets, besides being suitable for digital printing machines, there is the possibility of printing your image directly on the product with the screen printing method. The surface of the PVC magnet product is matte white. The thickness used during product identification is only the thickness of the magnet. The properties of PVC magnets are also related to the quality of the material. In order to get quality prints, PVC magnets must also be manufactured from quality materials. As a magnet wholesaler that imports the best magnets in the market for you, Magnettoptan is the leader of the industry in magnet importation.


For example, when "0.5 mm PVC laminated magnet" is mentioned, the total thickness of the product is 0.5 mm magnet + 0.3 mm PVC = 0.8 mm.


Warning: Many of the PVC magnets sold under the name of 0.8 mm in the market are actually magnets made of PVC laminated on a 0.5 mm thick magnet. These products, which are recommended for vehicles by unauthorized magnet dealers, are insufficient in terms of attraction power and may cause traffic accidents if they fall from the vehicle in motion. It is absolutely necessary to consider these about the properties of PVC magnets.