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Name Badge Magnet Black
3 Dots



4.5 cm x 1.3 cm


The nameplate magnet includes three powerful Ndfeb magnets of 8 mm x 2 mm in size N40. It is one of the favorite products of the market with its strong hold. Nameplate Magnet with 3 Magnets is black in color and plastic coated, and is protected against corrosion that may occur due to perspiration.


The three magnet nameplate magnet is sold as a two-piece kit. The part that will remain in the clothes consists of a plastic floor and three strong magnets. The other second part is a metal sheet covered with a very strong foam tape and providing effective adhesion to the nameplate. Three magnet name badge magnets are available in two different colors, green and black, in our stock. The size of the product is 45 mm x 13 mm. Nameplate magnets are served in small boxes of 100 pieces. Full boxes contain 1000 badge magnets. You can contact us to order 3 Magnet Nameplate Magnet black color.