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Anisotropic Magnetic Sheet

1.5 mm


60 cm x 100 cm


1.5 mm Extra Power Magnet, which is among the very powerful magnet types, is used in productions that require high attraction power. The 1.5 mm Extra Strong Magnet is among the anisotropic magnets. The chemistry of anisotropic magnets is different from that of isotropic magnets, and the gravitational power is approximately 40% higher than that of isotropic magnets of the same thickness. In this way, although the thickness of the magnet remains constant, a stronger attraction force is obtained.


1.5 mm Extra Strong Magnet is the right product for tough conditions such as vehicle magnets produced for off road vehicles and construction equipment. Thanks to its strong magnet feature, it is not affected by the speed and does not fall. It is also applied in turning very heavy objects into fridge magnets. We recommend 1.5 mm Extra Strong Magnet for heavy stone objects, tile magnet works, refrigerator magnets made of solid wood. It can also be used as a strip magnet in fair stand works. To get information about very strong magnets and wholesale magnet prices, you can review magnet prices or contact us.